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Camera Remote Control for Nikon

Camera Remote Control for Nikon

Release: August 17, 2011

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"Camera Remote Control for Nikon" software by ColorRiver is used for remotely control Nikon DSLR cameras connected to a computer by USB cable or other interface.

The program gives you full control over all camera parameters including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, flash parameters, focus parameters, color corrections and many more. After shooting the program acquires image from camera automatically and shows it on screen. You can evaluate the image and delete unsuccessful image.

The program constantly monitors for a new connections of specified camera types. When a camera is connected to the computer the program can switch to controls for the connected camera.

Screen shots

The main window of "Camera Remote Control for Nikon" software:

Main window

The program controls the majority of camera modes, including shooting settings, focus settings, built-in and external flash, set the date and time of camera clock, white balance settings, the format of the saved files and more:

WB fine tune window

Adjusting various camera's settings:

Camera settings window

Currently supported cameras list

The program can controls the following Nikon's digital SLR cameras:

  • Nikon D3 (Ver.1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.02);
  • Nikon D3X;
  • Nikon D3S;
  • Nikon D40;
  • Nikon D40X;
  • Nikon D60;
  • Nikon D80;
  • Nikon D90;
  • Nikon D200;
  • Nikon D300 (Ver.1.0, 1.1);
  • Nikon D300S;
  • Nikon D700 (Ver.1.0, 1.02);
  • Nikon D5000;
  • Nikon D5100;
  • Nikon D7000;
The software supports all basic functions of above cameras, but was not tested with every model. Current version of the software supports "LiveView" function.

System requirements

Your system must meet the following minimal requirements in order to run the program properly:

  • Pentium-compatible processor;
  • Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7;
  • 128 MBytes of RAM (512 MBytes recommended);
  • 30 MBytes of HDD space for software; additional place for storing images;